Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Where have I been????

I know, I know.....I have been MIA for way too long.  And wasn't I the one who promised to blog at least twice a month?  So much for good intentions.

So, on to explainations:

1.  I HAVE been sewing and quilting...ALOT!

One on my bee blocks I made!
Another Bee block and a siggy block to go with it!

2.  I HAVE been spending time with family and friends!
Jodi peaking out behind her Christmas quilt while
spending 10 days with me at the lake!
Carisa, Blair and Parker visiting us in Kansas!
My great friends, Ann and Emily, sewing at the lake!
Notice the view we have from the loft!

3.  I HAVE been cooking and baking and trying new recipes!

Graham Cracker sandwiches!
(Take two graham crackers and spread butter cream frosting
 between two crackers.  Smash together, eat and enjoy!)  Our
Mom used to make these for us as an after school treat!

Lemon Bars!  A great summer treat!!

4.  And I HAVE been at THE LAKE (where I have been sewing, quilting, spending time with family and friends, cooking and baking!)!!

The beautiful view from our deck!
Don't get me wrong....I love our home here in Kansas, but I LOVE our log home at the lake!  Life is just different at the lake.  We are just a lot more laid back when we are there.  The pace of life is slower and more relaxed.  Plus, I get pampered at the lake by my husband.  EVERY Sat. night, he grills steaks and does the dishes!  And he even empties the dishwasher the next morning!!  What girl could ask for more?

My sewing loft at the lake is just the best place to be.  When we built the log house, I made sure that the loft had a lot of outlets so that no matter how many people are sewing, everyone has an outlet for their machines and irons.
Looking at Jodi's sewing area!
Looking at my sewing area!
Whose is messiest???

This is how the loft looks while Jodi and I are sewing.  We make a mess, but we do get projects done!  Here are a few pictures of the projects that we did together in May.

Jodi's "Cake" quilt a long quilt!
My machine embroidered Christmas quilt!

The doll quilt I made for Parker!
So, the next time you hear from me, I will probably be at the lake.  I told my very understanding husband that, while he has to stay in Kansas and work, I plan to spend as much time at the lake this summer as possible.  I will do my best to blog while I am there, but I have learned to not promise too much.  I do plan to have a great time, spend lots and lots of time in the warm water, entertain more family and friends, cook and bake new and fun recipes, and of course, sew to my hearts delight!


Sunday, May 29, 2011

What To Wear To Stay Cool?

I am in the Front Range Modern Quilt Guild with some very talented young women. They make their clothes, their children's clothes, and make amazing quilts! They always come to guild in something new that they have made. It is so fun to see what they will be wearing.

We have a quilt store in Monument, Crafty Laine, that is owned by Angie - one of the very talented young women. It was from Angie that I got the idea to make a skirt for Shannon, my daughter-in-law! Shannon and Angie are expecting babies in August. Angie was wearing a darling skirt that is easily worn while pregnant and also after the sweet little one comes. She made her skirt using Anna Maria Horner’s technique for a uber-cute faux smocked – elastic gathered skirt that is a FREE tutorial on Anna Maria Horner's blog. Traci, another talented young lady in our guild, has a blog with many great skirt ideas along with a tutorial for her version of the skirt!

Well, what do you wear to stay cool in Florida in the summer heat and humidity?? How about a skirt or two made just for you, just because you are loved, or just because!!! Here are the skirts I made for Shannon.

Derick, Shannon, and the boys will be going to Tampa for a conference with all the people in the US who have adopted children from Kazakhstan........that's our Asher and he is precious!

Aren't these boys just the cutest?? They are both so precious!

I think their Mom will be the cutest Mom there, too!!

Luv ya, Gigi

Monday, May 23, 2011

Projects from Jackie's Cabin

Where has the time gone since I was at my sister's cabin?? I have a few pics to share but Jackie will have to share most of our quilt tops that we finished. For some reason my camera didn't cooperate. I think there were 4 tops, 4 Bee blocks, and 1 precious baby doll. We had the best time!!

We would sew for about an average of 14+ hours a day. Yes, we did stop to cook, to eat, to make popcorn balls (a treat from our childhood), and for a much needed rest for our backs. We also made a trip to Springfield, MO for the purpose of hitting the 4 quilt stores we know of and to go to the Broadway Play, Memphis!! It was a really fun day and we accomplished a lot. On another day we also made a trip to Branson, MO to the quilt store we know there and to see The Haygood Family perform. What a treat!

You might have wondered why we made a baby doll. We both have granddaughters who love their babies so........ we just had to make them a quilt and a baby. Well, the baby needed a quilt too!! We got the doll done and the quilt tops so when I got home I finished everything up. I straight line quilted for the first time and although it is tedious, I love the finished look. What do you think?

Meet Dolly!

Maren always names her dolls cute names like, August, Susie, Baby, etc. They all have a special name. I ended up naming this doll only because I wanted to put her name on the little quilt. Dolly is special because she also has another side................

Meet Dolly asleep!!

How cute is that......a sleeping baby! Maren will love it.

Now that you have met Dolly, please check out the quilts!!

Dolly has a smaller version of Maren's Quilt

The quilt backs

I think it is almost as much fun to make the quilt back as it is the front. Maren's quilt has one stripe down the back. The material used for the stripe is also in her baby bedding and the quilt I made her when she was born. Dolly's quilt back is a nine patch with a border made of Maren's stripe and is also made of fabrics that were used in Maren's baby bedding and quilt!! I hope that she enjoys these quilts as much as I did making them.

Dolly is already busy enjoying her quilt!

Maren's little brother is due in about 3 weeks. Once her Mommy and Daddy head to the hospital Maren will come spend time with us (Gigi and Papa). That is when I will give Dolly to her to take care of. I am sure she will practice a lot until she gets to hold and take care of her precious baby brother.

More to come on the great 10 days at the cabin. We have so many stories!!

Happy Quilting, Gigi
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