Friday, March 25, 2011

I took the pledge! Will you?

I believe this integrity code is very important to keep a bee running well and all members happy. Look down at Jackie's entry for the code and the link! We signed, will you?

Luv ya, Jodi

Swapping Pledge!!


We, Jackie and Jodi, pledge to do our very best to have integrity and honesty in our swap commitments.  To be on time, to participate in discussions, and to communicate if we are going to be late or unable to complete our obligations to our swap partners.

If you would like to sign the pledge also, join us here.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Catching Up Part 2

Jodi and I have both been busy bees in our sewing rooms trying to get caught up on all of our March Bee blocks that need to be made for various bee members.  Didn't you just love all of Jodi's blocks that she showed?  She is so creative and has such a good sense of color!  It's no wonder that she has a degree in home ec.

This week has been about as busy of a week sewing that I have had in a long time.  I am in a bee called the Freedom Bee.  In this bee there are 16 of us participating.  We each sent out fabric to all bee members and they had the "freedom" to make any block they wanted using our fabrics.  So, I received 16 packages with the loveliest fabrics in them. The blocks were due the 15th of March, but we really have until the 31st to get them mailed.  I had 6 more blocks to make this week.  Sounds easy, but sometimes it is hard to figure out what block to make with certain fabrics!  Here are the blocks I made this week.

I also had a couple other bee blocks to make.  One for my Tag Square Bee and the other for my Adventure in Quilting Bee.  

(My blocks really are square!!!  I'm just not a very good photographer!!)

You would think that I would be done for the month.....but.....NO!  I still have more bee blocks to make!


Before our trip to Arizona, I made a baby quilt for a friend of my daughter's who just had a baby.  Jodi gave me the idea for this quilt and I just love the way it turned out.  I even machine quilted it myself.

I machine (raw edge) appliqued the hearts on.  The large rick rack added a lot of pizzaz to the quilt.  Love it!


On another husband and I had a fabulous time on our vacation to Scottsdale, Arizona with our daughter, son-in-law, and granddaughter!  The sun was wonderful and we enjoyed every minute we spent out in it!  We swam, ate out, played cards, and went to a spring training baseball game (Royals vs. Rockies).  We also went to the zoo!  Here are a few pictures of our week in the sun!

Loving the sun and water!
At the ballgame!  It was Parker's first time at a ballpark.
Eating out.
First Zoo visit.
I just love this little girl!!  Always so happy!

I am the luckiest mom today because two of my kids are coming home!  My son is playing in a golf tournament this weekend at our golf course and my oldest daughter is coming for a long visit with just me!  She and I are headed to the lake tomorrow for 4 or 5 days.  I may not be blogging while I'm gone, but I will be sewing...... A LOT!!   :)  And Jodi and I have plans to skype while we are both sewing, so it is going to be a great week!


Thursday, March 10, 2011

Catching Up On Bee Blocks!

I have enjoyed working on all my bee blocks. I think that I am all caught up so I can now work on some fun baby projects. Enjoy the look into my fun Bee's!!

Spider Wed Squares for Lovely Linen Bee

Butterflies for the Siggy Block Bee

Block Swap Adventure Bee

Block Swap Adventure Bee

Calendar of Houses Bee

Quick Christmas Bee

Quick Christmas Bee

Happy Quilting!! Luv ya, Jodi/Gigi

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

It's a cold and cloudy day!

I love these days when I can go to my sewing room and just enjoy my time with my machine and fabric! I thought I would let you see a glimpse of what I am working on and how much I am getting done on the baby quilt for my grandson. I can't wait to meet him in June!

You can see the fabric that Kate picked out here. I haven't displayed the pattern yet but it is full of fun hexies! These hexies are 16.5" across. They are beautiful and will look great in a little baby quilt.

I am making 9 of these hexies and 9 hexies with the main fabric theme for the room. Here is your sneak peek until I get it done!!

Doesn't this look like a fun project for a cold and cloudy day?

Happy Quilting!! Luv ya, Jodi/Gigi

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Road Trip!

Tomorrow my husband and I are getting in our car and heading down the road!  We are driving from Kansas to Scottsdale, Arizona and I am so excited!!  I love ROAD TRIPS! There is just something about getting in a car and driving.  It is a great time to talk about life, read a book, listen to music or just be quiet.  We often find out-of-the-way places to stop and eat, which is sometimes great and sometimes not so great!  It's a good thing we like each other since we will be in a car together for 2 days!!

Our trip takes us from south/central Kansas, through the panhandles of Oklahoma and Texas, through New Mexico and on to Arizona.  After spending the night in New Mexico we will arrive in Scottsdale Friday evening.

On Saturday, we will pick up our daughter, son-in-law, and granddaughter at the airport. They are spending the whole week with us!!!  WooHoo!

(I love this picture of my granddaughter, Parker!  Makes me crack up every time I see it! Can 7 month old babies wink???)

So far, our plans include: swimming, napping (well at least the baby will nap), shopping, eating out, going to the zoo, reading, and hopefully a few trips to quilt stores.  It is going to be a week of pure bliss!

This wallhanging is called "Mom and the Snowbirds" and it reminds me of my mom and Arizona.  My parents have gone to Arizona in the winter for years and years.  Since mom passed away, dad has continued to go.  My husband and I love Arizona and are now becoming my parents......doing a winter get-a-way in Arizona!!  Funny how the circle comes around. 

Back to the quilt.....Mom sometimes embroidered on tea towels (and quilt squares) while she was in Arizona.  I happened to get a set of towels one year for Christmas.  The embroidered squares in this quilt were made by mom cut from those tea towels.  

I am one of those people who is sentimental and I couldn't see myself using the tea towels.  I wanted to keep them and enjoy them, just not use them.  So, I cut them up and used them in the quilt.  The "snowbirds" are the flying geese.  I keep the quilt hung in my laundry room where I get to enjoy it almost every day.

I will post and share photos of my week when I get back home.  Until then, "Happy Trails"!


P.S.  I just remembered that one of the projects that I am taking with me to work on is an embroidery project.  Like I said, the circle comes round and round!

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