Sunday, September 26, 2010

When the husbands are busy......the sisters hibernate in their sewing rooms!!!

It has been a weekend of quilting, quilting, quilting!!! Along with our fun hobby are lots of emails and phone calls back and forth..... "What are you working on now?" "Hey, any ideas how I should make this?" "Wish you were here to see this!" "Send me a picture!!" In between the quilting questions we discuss our kids, our precious grandchildren, (you will meet them later) and what all we are doing next week. Do you make daily or weekly phone calls to your sister?

We have been working on our Calendar of Houses Bee blocks. We will post them after we have mailed them off to their owners!! It's nice to have someone to help with ideas, do some critiquing, and to tell you that you did an awesome job and that it couldn't be any better!! Thanks sis!!

The weekend is over and it is back to all the activities of the week! Yea for us, one of the activities will be to do some more quilting, making more phone calls, and always to keep encouraging.

Until next time!! Luv ya!

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