Monday, November 21, 2011

Aren't these girls the cutest? 

I get to work with them twice a week as their tutor.  Actually I have 5 students.  But these two have been with me the longest.  They are so fun and just enrich my life.

Today they came over for the day to sew.  N made a quilt with me last summer featuring all the books that we read.  It was a great quilt!!  L had never sewn and they both had never ironed before!!  Well, we decided to make candy in December - my Christmas gift to them - so today we made a bib apron to wear while we cook.  Sounded like a great idea to me!

The aprons turned out great and the girls did them pretty much by themselves, of course with me hanging over their shoulders.  HA!  If something was  really off, I would run into my sewing room and make it straight and rip out the old without them knowing.  They did get to use the ripper and got to know how to use it pretty well.  The girls learned how to sew, iron, rip, sew, rip, and resew.   I am sure you get the picture.  They were so excited the whole day.

Enjoy the pictures of our fun day together!!

The ripper at work!!

Having fun at the machine

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The pro!!

What a cute apron!!
So cute!!

The finished product!!  
Happy quilting!!
Luv ya,  Jodi


  1. How precious! Love that they are learning and the aprons are so cute! =)

  2. Love that you are passing it on! Soon you will be sewing with Maurin!

  3. So cute, Jodi. What a wonderful teacher and tutor you are.

  4. Sweetest aprons and the cutest girls!! Smart too to be sewing:) I just started a blog come over and join me I make I Spy quilts, Tooth Fairy Pillows and many other things. I'm having a giveaway


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