Thursday, April 21, 2011

Sisters, Skyping, and Sewing!

Jodi and I have found a new way to "sew" together that is the most fun!

Jodi skyping with me!
We skype while sewing!  How fun is that?  It is almost like being together.  Many times we will skype and sew for hours.  It makes cleaning the sewing room, cutting out, chain piecing, etc., go so much quicker.  Sometimes when I am lucky, I even get to skype with Jodi and her adorable granddaughter, Maren.

So, what do you do to make those tedious times go faster?  We would love to hear all your ideas!

***A special note.....Jodi and I will be together at the lake starting next Tues.  We will be there for 10 whole days, just sewing and having an absolutely great time together.   Check back next week for MORE posts and a give-a-way!



  1. I've never skyped! Sounds like fun! 10 days of sewing sounds like even more fun!

  2. What fun! Have a great time on your getaway!

  3. My cousin suggest we skype..I know nothing of what this is...but this looks pretty cool! of course I'd have to get all dolled up for it :)

  4. What a great idea! I have had sewing lessons on how to put together a dress I couldn't figure out from my aunt over skype. It was great! It is so nice to be able to chat without being tied down to holding a phone up, so you can get things done at the same time-love it!


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