Tuesday, April 5, 2011

We took the pledge..........But now we need another Pledge!

Jodi and I both took the Swapping Integrity Pledge!  We both believe that it is important to have integrity when making blocks for others in our bees.  But now I think we both need a pledge to do better in our blogging!!!  LOL!

Let's face it, we are both bad bloggers!  We love reading other blogs and we even talk about and share different ideas from other blogs.  But, for some reason, we don't get around to posting about ourselves.  Here are the facts as I see them:

1.  We love reading blogs.
2.  We aren't lazy, we would just rather sew than write in our blog.
3.  Neither one of us is really sure that what we have to say is very interesting to anyone other than each other.
4.  We don't lead "exciting" lives.  We are just average, normal women in our 50's who love our families, each other and quilting.

I haven't talked about this to Jodi yet, but here is my pledge to all you who really do want to read our blog:

I pledge to keep my part of our blog updated at least twice a month!  

I am hoping that Jodi will take this pledge, too, so that one of us is updating at least once a week. Will you join me in this, Jodi??

Help us to keep our blog going by leaving us a  comment with what you like about our blog or what you would like to know about us.  Would you like more pictures?  More information about our families, our childhood together, our adulthood, our quilting times together?   We both love to cook and have great recipes.  Would you like to see recipes on our blog?  We would appreciate any feedback that we get and we look forward to hearing great ideas from you!



  1. LOL! I love your pledge. I'm happy to read about anything you want to share. Show us PICTURES!!!! =) I love pictures. =)

    You guys are lots of fun! Glad to see a post!

  2. Wahooooo so glad to see your post and I think I need to take your pledge too!
    I'd like to see more of the cool blocks you make and of course more of the childhood you shared - you guys rock - I admire how close you are xx

  3. Oh....everything you've talked about so far has been great! Keep it up, my friends! Show us your sewing spaces and stash! We wanna know!!

  4. I don't think you need a blogging pledge... sometimes we just all need to give each other a break, one month, maybe all sorts of things would happen and you may feel like telling everyone about it, and other times, other parts of your life take over. Can you imagine, if every blog you followed made updates every single day? We would all be spending so much time reading, commenting and feeling obliged to blog ourselves, we wouldn't have time for anything else.

    I totally agree with swapping integrity - it's affecting someone else, but blogging is personal and everyone who loves your blog, will still love your blog no matter how often you post or what you post about :)

    I think knowing that you are sewing rather than blogging is great, have a button that says that - if this blog has not been updated for a while, you can be sure the sewing machine is getting one hell of a workout :D

  5. I understand what you mean - I feel sometimes the same. I like your blogging anyway and if I want to know what you are sewing I visit you at flickr too. Greetings from Berlin


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