Friday, October 14, 2011

Here I Am----The Other Sister!

I am back from the land of travels, company and summer! has been a busy few months. Summer has always been a busy time in my family's lives!  We love to be at the lake and we spend a lot of our time there.  Summer is my favorite time of year, but I do NOT get much sewing done!  Or blogging!

I have way too many Bee Block pictures to show you at once, so I will spread them out over several blog posts.  These first five are from my Calendar of Houses Bee for May, June, July, August, and September.

May log cabin/lake block for Emily.

Emily is a very close friend of mine who lives in my town.  I have know her for 24 years!!  We both love to boat with our families, so I added 2 little boats in the lake.  (I am NOT known for my drawing skills!)  She often goes to the lake with me, so I made her a log house with the lake in front!

A cabana June block for Lynette.
4th of July row houses block for Beth.
                             August schoolhouse block for Linda.
                            September barn block for Beth

In other news.........

My good friends were able to join me at the lake for a few days in June.  We had such a fun time!  Three of us sew, but we decided not to sew this time.  We have all known each other for over 20 years, so along with being best friends, we have a long history together.  Over the years, we have given and received advice on how to raise children, "deal" with our husbands, handle our pets, etc.  We have even dubbed ourselves the "unofficial SENIOR bridesmaids" at our children's weddings!  I just love these women!

My friends with me at the lake on a beautiful day!
Ann, Me, Emily, and Chi-Chi

Emily also machine quilts for people.  She does an amazing job!  I just got back 4 of my quilts from her!  Now to find time to bind them all!

Included in the pile is a machine embroidered redwork quilt, a picnic quilt, a Forth of July flag quilt, and a quilt along quilt.

This summer was extra special since it was our granddaughter's first time at the lake and in a boat.  She became an expert boater, and even managed to get a few cat naps in!

All of our kids and their families were able to join my husband and me at the lake for our annual family vacation in July.  Our oldest daughter brought her boyfriend and his two kids!  It was also their first time at a lake, so it was super fun watching their excitement of the boat, water, and tubing!

The Family!
Another exciting event happened in September.  Our oldest daughter became engaged! We are now planning an April 2012 wedding. It will be on our deck at the lake!  We already have so many wonderful family memories of the lake, and this will just add to it. It is going to be super special!

Joel Penny and Dee Dee Rodgers
Along with getting a new son-in-law, we are also getting 2 new grandchildren!  Now, my husband and I will have 3 grandchildren to spoil!

Seven, Parker, and Sterling

Many of my bees have finished.  In some ways I am sad.  I have met many wonderful women through the bees, and I will miss being in touch with them.  But, I am also glad!  I think I got myself into too many bees and was too bogged down each month trying to make all the blocks!  With less Bee Blocks to make, I will have more time to sew for myself!  I am starting a "Wedding Quilt" for my daughter and her fiance.  It is going to be a queen size log cabin quilt using off-whites, blues and greens.  The center of the block will be made into a design of a heart.  I love making quilts for my family, so this will truly be a labor of love.  While I am sewing, I will be thinking of the many wedding plans, and I will be having loving thoughts of my daughter.  There may be a few tears shed that may find their way onto the quilt, but those tears will be tears of joy and happiness.

I hope to show the progress of the quilt on this blog as I go along.  So keep reading!



  1. Welcome back Jackie! I'm glad you had a lovely summer...and loved seeing and hearing about your adventures! Thanks for catching us up a bit and I look forward to seeing your other bee blocks!

  2. I can't wait to see the great quilting that Emily has done on your quilts!! Welcome back sis!!


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