Monday, July 25, 2011

Quilt Shows - Inspiring

Some friends and I went to Denver to the Colorado Capital Quilt Show. We had so much fun seeing all the quilts, laughing, going out to lunch, and finishing up with Yogurt!! YUM YUM
I just wanted to share all these fun quilts with you. The colors, the fabrics, the quilting, and all the talent are so fun to enjoy!! Maybe you will feel like you almost made it to Quilt Show with me!!

Oh yes, I was taken back to my childhood with this old telephone booth. I tried to call my sister to tell her how much fun we were having and that I wished she was with us!

Remember theses????

Any way, I either forgot how to use it or they have been recently updated......because something was really wrong with this picture!!

How do you dial on that????

At least I did try to call!!

Happy Quilting dear friends!!
Luv ya, Jodi

1 comment:

  1. There certainly were some amazing quilts at that show. Thanks for sharing the photos :)


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