Tuesday, July 5, 2011

So proud to be an American

We had a great time with family and friends for our 4th of July celebration!! We were able to attend 3 different picnics with lots of food, enjoy great conversations, watch a parade, and see fireworks. The parade in Monument is a tradition going back many years. They say that it is the largest 4th of July parade in the state. It is very patriotic and full of different floats, bands, firetrucks, animals, etc. Maren loved being in the children's parade and every time a flag came by she would say, "Come on guys, stand up stand up!" She was very good at running for the candy, and for me, she definitely made the parade fun!!

Maren and her Daddy in the parade with all the children!

Maren kept telling me, "Gigi, you cheered for me!"

My husband rode in the parade. He is waving at me!!

It was very hot so a snow cone was in order!!

One of the floats for the Marines!

There were many fun things for the kids.........rides, elephants, tall tall clowns, etc.

Even when life is tough and the economy isn't what we would like it to be, we have a lot to be thankful for! God is good!

Happy 4th of July dear friends!
Luv ya, Jodi

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  1. What a fun day, Jodi! Grand children really know how to celebrate, don't they!


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