Thursday, September 1, 2011

I was gone I am back!!

Somewhere around the first of August I took off for Florida to meet my new grandson, Ollie. It is now the 1st of September and I am back!! If you want to read about his name and the family I so enjoyed visiting you can go here for the full explanation. He is so precious and along with his brothers, life is a blessing for Derick & Shannon!!

Oliver Zebulun Wyss
Asher and Theo
Yesterday I got home and am ready to start living "life" again.  Vacations are so much fun and such a time of leisure and blessing but it is time to get back to my many activities and normal routines .......especially my favorite hobby ............ quilting.

Look what was waiting for me!!  I was so excited to open my "squishies".  (as some online friends call them)

I got fabric for some of my bees and I got finished blocks just for me!  I love getting mail and now the fun begins as I work on the blocks to be sent out.  While I was gone I took my machines in for their yearly  - well it has been two years - checkup.  They are all ready to be humming and singing songs of joy as we sew together.

I can't wait to get started.

Luv ya,  Gigi


  1. Awe, welcome back! I see a familiar squishie!!! Have fun sewing. =)

  2. Jodi, congratulations on another little grandson! How exciting!! I loved reading the blog and seeing pictures of Derek and his family, remembering him as a baby even! Did you remember that my oldest grandson's name is Oliver? What are the chances?!


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