Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Is there an end in sight?

I continue to work on my September list of UFOs!!  It is getting smaller but I still have about 3 things I need to finish up.  My Quick Christmas Bee is coming to an end and it is a good thing as we all would like to get our Christmas quilts done before December 2011.  I really want to have mine out to use this year.....oh, and that reminds me ....... I have stockings to make.  I think I will put those on the list for next month.

Manuela lives in Portugal and wanted us to do an appliqued block.  I love  gingerbread people!!
She also wanted us to write a word or two that remind us of the Christmas season.
Jesus loved us so much and because of that we are asked to believe in Him.
Both of my blocks together!!

This was a fun bee as Jackie and I were in it together along with 5 other quilters from different countries.  I have had the privilege of meeting them by way of Skype and they are all great quilters and new friends!!

Luv  ya,  Jodi


  1. Gorgeous xxx
    Now we need a new BEE to keep us all busy - but maybe starting January LOL

  2. fun pictures of fun things you're makin' =)

    You sisters are LUCKY!! I'm an ONLY...and it would be soo-sew awesome to have a sister/friend to sew with!


  3. How fun! I love the gingerbread man. It's so nice to meet people from all over!


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