Thursday, September 29, 2011

The Sisters Are Together

Our sewing machines have been humming and we have been creating while laughing and enjoying each other at Jodi's home in Colorado for the past 3 days.  

Jackie's daughter is getting married in May so she has been busy thinking about the wedding and deciding on what projects she has to tackle between now and then.  You can bet she will be quilting, sewing, and taste testing her way through the next 7 months.  In between our brainstorming this week, Jackie has put together an "Eye Spy" quilt for her precious granddaughter!! (Pictures to come.)  Jodi has been sewing together the blocks she received from an online "house bee."  The sashing is detailed and has taken a long time.  She also worked on a FRMQG Challenge.  (Pictures to come.)

At a Sew-In last month for the FRMQG, Jodi had some requests for a tutorial of our "SIS binding technique".  So, since we are together, we would like to share this technique with you, our followers!

SIS Binding Technique
Excuse our photos and hand written notes.  We have been so busy sewing that we did not take new photos.  Enjoy!

1.  Prepare your binding by folding your strip in half and pressing. We use a 2 1/8" - 2/14" fabric strip.  Open your binding and fold one corner down to the lower edge.  It will form a triangle.  Press. Refold in half and press.  Sew binding onto the quilt starting around 10" from the triangle end.  You will have a 10" tail that is not sewn down.  Be sure to start on the side of your quilt in the middle.  See picture below.  Stop sewing the binding leaving about 10" of the binding hanging.

2.  We have divided step 2 into two parts.  Pictured above is part one.  Lay both ends flat with the triangle side on top.  Cut the non-triangle tail past the triangle end at least 2" as pictured above.  Pictured below is part 2.

Note the 2" past the end of the triangle.

3.  Put the non-triangle end inside the triangle end.  Make sure to have both bindings laying flat on the quilt making sure there are no puckers.  

4.   Holding both edges, open up the two layered bindings. They will lay flat, having the non-triangle end laying on top of the triangle end.

5.  Reach under the top binding layer and grab the triangle keeping the two layers together.  Right side of fabrics will be together.  Make sure top of triangle binding is even with side of non-triangle binding.  Pin on both sides of the triangle folded line.  Sew on the triangle folded line.  Trim to 1/4" and press.  (***Cut on the RIGHT side of the sewn line.  Do not cut on the left side of the sewn line like we have both done.  If you do this you will be sad!!)  Refold in half and press.  Pin joined binding to your quilt and sew it down.  YOU ARE DONE!  This is the project that we were working on together.

Sadly our quilting time together is coming to an end.  Jackie is heading home tomorrow after we enjoy brunch with our Dad at "The Egg and I".  

Happy Quilting everyone!!
Luv ya,  Jackie & Jodi

If you have any questions about our tutorial, do not hesitate to contact us.  We will be happy to answer your questions.


  1. I had a wonderful time with you this week! It is always so sad when we have to part! XXXOOO

  2. WOW!! It is so great having you for a sister! I love the memories we make and the great ones that we share!!

  3. Oh wow! I needed to know how to do that...I have only sewn a straight line and I am soooo glad you showed this tutorial. I will give it a whirl very soon!

    Glad you had fun together! =)


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