Tuesday, September 20, 2011

A walk for Alzheimer's

Last weekend we went on a 5K walk in support of Alzheimer's.  Jackie and I have a sister-in-law who was diagnosed at 49 with "early onset Alzheimer's" and my husband lost his mother to Alzheimer's at the age of 85.  
The day was beautiful, the cause is always on our minds, and the fellowship was fun.  At registration, we were given flowers to represent our relationship to Alzheimer's.  Yellow flowers were given to those of us who have a family member or friend who has the disease.  Blue flowers were given to those who were participating in walk with the awful disease and purple flowers were for people who have lost loved ones to the disease.

Everyone in our group who took the walk

My precious grandson got to ride.  I think he was the lucky one!

Maren was all decked out for her 5K ride!!

Her she comes...and August (her doll) gets to ride in the basket!

Sometimes we held up the pace but no one cared one bit!

Daddy gets to carry the bike and I get to hold her hand and enjoy a great conversation!

I have been sore for 3 days but it was all worth it for me!!
Luv ya,  Jodi


  1. Thanks for doing this, Jodi. It's always on my mind too, since my mother had the same diagnosis before she died.

  2. What a wonderful cause...and kudos to you for walking all that way! It's so nice to do these types of things.


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