Thursday, February 24, 2011

A Fun Time In My Quilting World

A few months ago I ran across an announcement that Melissa was wanting to start a Front Range (that's what they call our area that runs along the beautiful Rocky Mountains) Modern Quilt Guild. My friend Susan and I quickly responded that we were interested. We have been to a few meetings and enjoyed the enthusiasm and excitement of the young women (and not so young) women who were there. Did I mention that we also attended a leadership meeting?? Yes, we did! We have now been assigned the title of "Swap Adventure Mamas". Both being teachers, we will organize and brainstorm, and organize and find ideas, and organize and create ways to involve everyone for our guild swaps!! Any ideas are always welcome!!

Our guild had it's first Saturday Sew-In a week ago. We started with a meeting in the morning and then all went to lunch together. After lunch and all of our visiting, we went back to our meeting place and all pulled out our precious, smart, one of a kind, couldn't live without sewing machines. I am not sure we all got a lot done but we all marveled at the beautiful projects that were being created. Melissa had a surprise for us at 2:30 when Angie, who owns Crafty Laine, gave us a project to work on. It took about 10 minutes and the finished project was ours to take home. I know many will be reproducing this lovely project. Thank you Angie!! It was so fun.

Can't you see this lovely flower on a precious little girl as a hair bow, or on a coat as a pin, or on a shirt to dress it up?

I know I am going to enjoy this precious group of ladies in the FRMQG!!

Luv ya, Jodi


  1. Awesome, Jodi!! I love our MQG. Our guild has swapped potholders, and also fabric gifts at Thanksgiving (mug rugs, pillows, pot holders, tea towels etc...anything). I have another idea I'll email you about. You'll be a great leader!

  2. I love my MQG, so fun to meet other quilters. Oh and I just adore Melissa, she is amazing, you guys are going to have such a great time!

  3. I am still glowing from all the fun I had last weekend. And I went home and made at least 10 flowers! I attached them to hair clips to give out to all the little girls I know.
    (This is Kristen!)


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