Wednesday, February 2, 2011

What do you get for a 90th Birthday??

My mother-in-law is turning 90 in a few days. My husband is the youngest of 8 and he and his siblings are planning a party for her. It sounds like fun getting everyone together but with this cold weather and snowy roads we are just hoping to get there and back home safely. So, my question to you is, "What do you get someone who has everything she needs, she buys for herself what she needs, and she won't give us any ideas on how to spoil her?" Being a quilter, it didn't take me long to come up with something. I wanted something quick, easy, big enough to cuddle with, and that would always remind her of not only our family but everyone who loves her.

The fabrics I used are old but they fit her house perfectly. I made it a little longer in order for her to cuddle and stay warm while she watches TV or naps on the couch. I used a disappearing nine patch pattern and I love the outcome.

I made a label for the back of the quilt.

Now, how do I make it special to include the other brothers and sisters along with the guests who come to the party?? I made the back with a large center piece of fabric out of the lightest fabric in the quilt. I put a border around the center square out of the squares that were left over from the nine patches on the front. The center of the quilt is where everyone will write a memory or message to honor Hazel. She will love going back and reading what everyone has to say!!

Happy Birthday Hazel! You raised a great son and for that I am thankful!!

Luv ya, Gigi


  1. Now that is the most wonderful of wonderful gifts!

  2. Beautiful quilt! What is your machine that you used to embroider the label?

  3. I have a Bernina 630. I love it!!!

  4. Hazel probably doesn't remember me, but I wish her a very happy birthday. This is a fun project, Jodi...she's going to treasure it, I know. Be safe!

  5. What a really pretty quilt! I'm sure that Hazel will love it! Have a safe trip to Onaga.
    XXOO - Jackie

  6. Awe, it's beautiful! What a great idea for signing too! 90 is awesome!

  7. What a great At 90 I am sure all she wants is to see her family happy and healthy.

  8. Jodi, that's a beautiful quilt you made for Hazel! I know she'll remember how much you all love her everytime she snuggles up with it. Your label is amazing as always, and I know Hazel will treasure the love notes on the quilt back.


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