Tuesday, January 25, 2011

"I'm Leaving - On a Jet Plane"

No quilting or sewing going on around here today!  I am packing and generally getting ready to get on a jet plane and fly to Cabo San Lucas tomorrow morning.  I am so excited....I can hardly wait!

Two of my dearest friends are I are going on a "woMANcation"!  Ann has a couple timeshares she needs to use, and she has asked Emily and I to go with her.  Ann recently lost her husband to a long and horrible disease called "Pick's Disease".  Ann is an amazing woman and refuses to sit at home and feel sorry for herself.

This isn't the first time the three of us have traveled together.  I have known them both for over 20 years  a long time, so you can imagine all the fun and travels we have had together AND with our husbands.  And do you want to know one of the coolest things about the three of us??  We all quilt!!  How fun is that?

Last year, Ann invited Emily and I to go to Florida for a week.  Em and I both jumped at the chance.  We were in!  Since it is Ann's timeshare, we just let her pick where she wants to go.  I'll go just about anywhere and so will Emily.  Ann chose Cape Canaveral, Florida.  The three of us decided to go in January, since that is the coldest and bleakest month here in Kansas.  Well, wouldn't you know it....it was also the coldest month in recent history in Florida.  For 3 beach loving, sun worshiping women, this was a huge disappointment!  But, you know what?  We made the most of it and ended up having the best of all times.  Now we look back on it and just laugh at all the crazy fun things that we DID do!!!  I thought I would share a few of the highlights!

Ann, Emily and me on the boardwalk at the beach at Cape Canaveral.
It was cold and windy!
(Emily even has a blanket wrapped around her!  She is our "cold" friend!)
In St. Augustine, Fl.
We had to stop at Walmart on the way to St. Augustine and buy our lovely outer wear.
None of us took coats!  I even bought a head/ear band with the Number 3 on it.
Is that Dale Earnhardt's number???

Ann on the beach!
We were not going to be deterred!
Ann and I went to Orlando to go to Epcot .
Emily had plans with a friend, so didn't go with us.
The day we went was cold and rainy.
Again...we were not going to be deterred!
And yes, I am wearing a Disney World rain poncho over my Walmart jacket!
Oh....did I mention that Ann's maiden name was Disney???
I got to pose with Winnie and Tigger!  A highlight of the day.
Plus, they were inside and we could get WARM!

So, tomorrow we will be getting on that jet plane and heading south!  There will be lots of soaking up the sun, shopping, swimming, eating, talking, and laughing going on.  But NO quilting!  I am taking a break.  I have been so busy with trying to keep up with all my bees, that I need want a week of non sewing.  I'm sure I will miss it and I'll be ready to jump in again when I am back home.  But for the next week, I plan to read, read and read some more (something I love but don't often take time to do).  See, that is another great thing about having long time friends.  We can be together having a great time and not say one word to each other.......for hours!  Ah...Heaven!


P.S.---We have the best husbands!  Both Chris and Sid encourage Em and I to go on our girl trips.  How great is that!!


  1. Oh, Jackie! How much fun......may the sun shine on you and your friends!

  2. I think it's awesome! I'm so happy for you to get away and I hope it's warmer than your last trip.

    BRR on the beach!

    Our beach time this summer was OH SO HOT!!! but I loved it and came away with a nice tan. I miss that now...it's BRRRRRRRRR and more BRRRRRRRR here in NY!

    See you when you get back.

  3. Have a great time! Girl trips are divine!

    I've hooked up with a group of 12 or so women (my pickle posse), and we attend two retreats a couple of hours north of where we live. It's a bit like PTA mom meets Sorority House, and I wouldn't miss it for anything.


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