Sunday, January 9, 2011

A Snowy Day

My favorite thing to do on a snowy day is to get in my most comfortable clothes and hibernate in my sewing room!! The weatherman said that we were going to have 8" - 12" in my area.....they were wrong again but what snow we did get made it a great sewing day.

My sister is in a 6 X 6 Bee. She is having her friends make a star using some beautiful paisley fabric she bought on her last visit with in Colorado. To some people she included some blue fabric and to others she included some red. The white she sent is to be the background. She sent me some fabric and I got to make my version of a star to go in her quilt. Yea!! I got the red fabric to go along with my paisley. I love red and she knows that. Thanks sis! I hope you like it and I want you to know that I enjoyed making it for you.

Jackie's star block

Siggy block for Jackie

Another bee block that I finished today was for Emily in my Calendar of Houses Bee. We make a block that represents the month and season we are in. My January block is all about cold weather, an igloo, and some snowmen sledding! It too was so fun to make.

Calendar of Houses Bee Block for Emily

Close up of the igloo!

The happy snowmen playing!!

My little siggy block. It is about 6" x 7"!

January is my turn to send out fabric for my Lovely Linen Bee. I found my cotton late in the fall and then found my linen to match. I used a tutorial I saw on Lollyquiltz. It is so fun to make and I think it will make a beautiful when I put all the blocks together. Here is the tutorial from Mrs. Schmenkman. I think this block will make a beautiful quilt!!

My block for my Lovely Linen Bee

Happy January everyone!!!
Luv ya, Gigi

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  1. I LOVE my block. Thanks so much for making it for me. Can't wait to see it in person.

    I can't wait to get the linen and cotton fabric for our Linen Bee. The butterflies will be fun to make.

    The Igloo is so cute. Emily will love it.



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