Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Us Stylish?

Staci over at The Confused Quilter awarded us with the Stylish Blogger Award!  Wow, what an honor!  Thank you Staci!  

I'm not sure that either Jodi or I would consider ourselves "stylish".  We are just regular women who like to wear jeans and sweatshirts, comfy shoes, and little makeup!!!  And, we love to QUILT!

As part of this award, we are to list 8 blogs that we enjoy and 8 things about ourselves.  Since there will be two of us, this will be a two part blog.  Mine and Jodi's.

8 Blogs I enjoy:
1.  AM Creations
2.  Patchwork Palace
3.  Catalina's Cottage
4.  i like orange, too!
5.  gwenny penny
6.  let's go fly a kite
7.  lollyquiltz
8.  lovelaughquilt

Oh my goodness....there are just too many great blogs out there!  It was so hard to pick just 8.  Head over to these blogs and tell them hi!

Now on to the 8 things that you may not know about me!

1.  I have lived in Kansas my whole life,  but have traveled A LOT.  My husband and I have moved several times, but always in the state of Ks.!  We have lived in our current hometown for 23 years.
2.  I loved 4-H but hated Girl Scouts.  4-H is where I learned to sew.  My first sewing project was an apron that I had to model at the county fair.  Oh, how I did not like that because....
3.  I am super shy around a crowd of people.  People are surprised by this because I don't act shy. But trust me...I am!
4.  I met my husband when I was a freshman in high school, but didn't date him until I "met" him again at college.  We started dating in December, got engaged in April, and got married in December!  We have been married for 33 years.
5.  I was 19 when I got married, 22 when I had my first child, and 52 when I had my first grandchild.
6.  When I was around 8, I would dance around the living room listening to the music from "Sound of Music".  I thought I was the youngest Von Trapp.  I think her name was Gretel?
7.  We have built 3 houses!  One of them is a log house and is located on a beautiful lake in Missouri!  We built our first house when I was 26!  We currently live in the second house we built.
8.  When my kids were small, I raised 6 ducklings in our basement.  We lived on a pond and I thought the kids would enjoy having ducks in the pond.  I learned three things while raising the ducks:  1. Ducks made a lot of poop;  2. Even small ducks make a lot of noise;  And 3. I will never do that again!

So there you have it.  Just a small glimpse into my life!  Now, it's Jodi's turn.....




  1. Oh, the ducks! Sounds like quite an adventure. Enjoyed reading your 8 things!

  2. LOL...I love it! The ducks comment had me smiling! =)

    That was awesome to read about you...thank you for choosing my blog to feature as well!

    Where is Jodi's post?!?! =) or at least her about me comments. =)

  3. I can't believe you didn't mention MY blog :( That makes me sad. Just kidding! Love you mom!!!


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