Wednesday, January 19, 2011

An Award - WOW!!

Thank you Staci for following our blog and awarding us with the Stylish Blogger Award. What a surprise! I follow many blogs and got so many great ideas for Christmas from them. It is so hard to stop at 8. In fact, I have my favorites and Jackie loves them too. As part of this award, we are to list 8 blogs that we enjoy and 8 things about ourselves. This is part two as Jackie already posted her things. Check out her list because I have listed some of them again!!

catalina's cottage

That was the easy part as it is now on to 8 interesting facts about me....just so you can get to know me better.

1. I love my family and being called Gigi by my precious grandchildren!! I have three now but by the summer I will have a total of five. I am friends with and enjoy being with my adult children; Derick (my son) and his wife Shannon, Brett (my son) and his wife Kate, and Tiffany (my daughter). They are all busy with school, their jobs and living life!! It is so fun watching them parent my grandkids.

2. I am in 3 Bible Studies and 3 different quilting groups. I love my extra curricular activities. Many of these friends are girlfriends of 30+ years. When we get together we talk more than we do our task at hand!! So, so fun!! We all know too much about each other to ever stop meeting together.

3. I taught Kindergarten for 33 years. Well, I also taught pre-school, middle school, and high school. I was in Kindergarten for 25 years. I love kids and appreciate their humor and honesty. I am now retired but I am still involved with children through tutoring and being with my grandkids.

4. I am a cancer Survivor!!!! A month after I retired to do whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted, I was diagnosed. I will never forget the day I got the word. It was about 3 months after my Mom passed from cancer and I received a phone call while our family (my Dad, brother and wife, and sister (Jackie) and husband ) were on a trip in Alaska. I guess news like that is never easy no matter how you get it. It has almost been 4 years now and I feel great!! I praise God!

5. I have been sewing for 50 years. My Mom made all my clothes until I went to college. I did some sewing for my children but I love making quilts the best!! I did make a jacket for Maren (granddaughter) so I might be back to making some cute little girls clothes for a while.

6. My sister and I get together at least once a year at her cabin to sew, well, it really isn't a cabin, it is a beautiful house on Table Rock Lake. It is just us and we stay up late, sleep late, go quilt store shopping, sew, eat good food, laugh, and sew some more. It is always the highlight of the year. We always go out in the boat and just float on mattresses in the warm lake and drink our diet cokes. Talk about relaxing, this is the best. This year we met half way between where we live and got a hotel room and sewed for 3 days. It was just as much fun but not long enough. Believe it or not we even skype while we sew. We get caught up on things, show each other our projects, laugh, offer advice, talk about our grandkids, and sew all at the same time. It's not the lake but it also works!!

7. Every Friday night my husband, Jim, and I go on a date. We usually go to the movies. We have done this ever since our daughter graduated from High School (01) and went to college. We had been "gym rats" for over 12 years on Friday nights as we sat through many, many basketball games watching our children play. We love the movies and usually we see pretty good ones but every once in a while a bad one sneaks in and we leave the theatre. We have a bucket and our popcorn is $2.50 each week and our tickets are $5.00 each. We go to the early movie. The theater isn't the nicest in town but it is the cheapest!!

8. Life is good and I love it!!! Be sure to tell someone that you love them today!!

Happy Blogging!!
Luv ya, Gigi

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  1. It was fun to read your 8 Things (I am envious of the sewing times you have with Jackie!) and am so very happy to call you my friend, Jodi! Thanks for passing on this award to me. I'm going to check out the other bloggers, too!


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