Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The House That Jack(ie) Built!

Today I am busy in my sewing room.  I need to finish up a couple "Bee" blocks.  All of the blocks are pieced, except for my Calendar of Houses Bee block.  This is a 12 month bee and we are to make a block with any kind of house in it and it is suppose to represent that month.  You can piece the block, but I love to applique, so I have been appliquéing my houses.  This month, I have my sister---GigiQuilts3!!  I have been putting off making this block, because I want it to be special and have a meaning.  I finally came up with an idea.  Here is a sneak peek at the house that Jack(ie) is building!

That's all I can show you for now.....she reads and writes on this blog!!  I hope you will like it, Jodi!

On another note, I have two dogs.  Both Beagles.  Sam is 3 and such a good dog.  He never potties in the house.  NEVER.  Winston is our puppy.  He potties in the house.... a lot!  Winston is 8 months old.  My kids and I gave him to my husband for Father's Day.  What was I thinking!!!  I absolutely HATE the puppy stage.  Winston not only potties, but he CHEWS....EVERYTHING!  He especially loves paper!  GRR! When I complain about him to my husband, his answer is always the same...."but...HE IS SO CUTE!"  I think he is secretly afraid that I am going to get rid of him.  I could never do that, but I desperately want him to grow up!!

See, I told you he was cute.  And, he DOES make me smile!

Now the reason I am telling you all this, is because my dogs have been going crazy this morning.  Just barking up a storm and running from window to window.  When I finally looked out my front window, this is what I found....

Can you see them??????  No, not the beautiful ice cycles!


Yuck, I do not like turkeys.  They are big, mean and leave a "mess".  And did you know that big, mean, messy turkeys can fly?  They can.  Often I see them fly onto my back deck and get into the bird feeder.  GRR!

I have to go......the turkeys are back and the dogs want out to bark and chase them.  I just have to SMILE at the fun Sam and Winston are having! 

What is making you smile today?  Sometimes it is just the little things---like dogs barking and chasing turkeys!



  1. What made me smile today? Your blog and telling me about the turkeys and your dogs :)

    By the way Jodi, I sent you an email (well, actually two) requesting needed info for the Block Swap Adventure you requested to join. Are you still interested? I have a gal just waiting for a swap partner. I hope you will be joining us.

  2. When Parker comes to visit she will love the turkeys!! Save your bread crumbs so she has lots to give them. It looks like a pretty day in Kansas today!! Happy sewing dear sis!!

  3. And they are UGLY too...the TURKEY's, not your dogs. =) Which president wanted them to be our national symbol?!?!? =)

    I can't wait to see what you come up with for your sister. I'm sure it will be amazing and beautiful!

    Your dog is beautiful! =)

  4. What makes me smile? My momma. And my daughter Parker. And thinking and hoping that one day her and I can have the same kind of relationship that you and I have! I love you momma!

    Happy Birthday tomorrow!

  5. We have 3 puggles (half beagle, half pug). The youngest turned one year in October and she STILL chews and tears open the couch cushions! But, like your Winston, she is sooo cute! And while we don't have turkeys, I think they must be closely related to geese. They sound the same - mean and messy. And noisy! And they make the dogs bark and bark!


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