Thursday, November 25, 2010

An Attitude of Gratitude

About 9 months ago a pharmacy tech where I get my prescriptions asked me if I was a quilter. She had heard that I was and she wanted to show me a pattern she would like made out of her deceased husbands shirts. They loved Hawaii and these were his special shirts he wore when they went for visits. I went to her house to see the pattern and what I thought was to see if the pattern would work with the shirts that she had. I totally anticipated being a resource for her and helping her find someone to make her quilt. I showed excitement for her plan. With tears in her eyes she said that she missed him so much and that she was wondering if I would make the quilt that she could use to cuddle with on snowy Colorado nights. I very tactfully said I really don't make quilts for others. I am too busy making quilts for my family and friends. I know it sounds a little selfish now!! I did tell her I would think about it. (I was thinking about it and the pattern was origami little shirts sewn to a block with sashing around the block. NOT my kind of quilt nor did it sound like fun.....I sew for therapy and for fun!! HA!)

I mentioned the quilt to friends and they said, "Don't do it! It isn't worth the time and money you get paid." I mentioned it to my kids and they said, "Oh, Mom, that was so nice she asked you, you should do it out of the goodness of your heart. Poor lady is probably so lonely. How can you say no?" (They don't quilt and know how long it takes to make quilts.) Of course I asked my sister. She said she had done that once and would not do it again. It is really hard to get into a quilt like that and there are usually deadlines! Oh, such wise counsel but I did decide to make it for her anyway. I didn't set any guidelines, amounts to be paid, time line, etc. After spending at least 200 hours on it I wish I would have. The quilt is beautiful and I know it will be a blessing to her and it will make her Christmas a very special one. I thought I would wrap it and give it to her in a week or two. I still need to make a label. I did find that the blessing was mine to receive over the past 9 months even though I did complained a bit.

Individual shirt squares!!

Me with the finished quilt

Ya is full of surprises when they hit. We just got a not so good diagnosis for my precious grandson, my husband's brother just passed away 15 minutes ago from melanoma, we have friends who need prayers, etc. but I am so thankful for people who have hearts with an attitude of gratitude. I am thankful for my friends and my wonderful family to share the joys and sorrows of life. I am thankful for blessings of new life (in June) and for God's love and especially his son who died to give us eternal life!! And yes dear sister, you are there at the top of the list!!!

Happy Thanksgiving!!
Luv ya, Gigi


  1. Happy Thanksgiving, Jodi. I am so sorry about Jim's brother. Even in hard times it is comforting to know that God is walking right beside us,even carrying us at times.

  2. What a gorgeous quilt. It turned out wonderful and I'm sure the woman you made it for will cherish it forever.

    So sorry to hear about your brother in law. Sending prayers.

  3. Wow! An incredible quilt! I know she'll love it very very much! Hope your family finds some peace.


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