Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Pearl and a Give Away!

In our family, we have a habit of naming objects.  Such as, our dad's first car (a model T??) he named Mable Hooffenagle.  Then he insisted that my sister name one of her dolls Mable Hooffenagle.  LOL!  Over the years growing up, our cars had different names like Old Yellow, Big Blue, etc.  I was never into naming my things....I don't think my dolls even had names!  But that all changed when my sister and I bought these beauties!!

Circa 1958
Our maternal grandmother's name was Minnie and her sister's name was Mamie!  (Aren't those cool names?)  So, when we bought our Singers, my sister named hers Minnie and I named mine Mamie.  We were told that these two sisters were very close, that they both sewed, and that they were both quilters.  (Our mom sewed but did NOT quilt!)

Back to the story.....

Circa 2003
Meet Pearl!!!  Isn't she lovely?  Pearl is a very happy lady these days because she just got home from the beauty shop/doctors office.  You see, Pearl had a good cleaning and now she is purring and humming.  Oh what a beautiful sound that is!  I just love Pearl and I have to admit, she maybe my favorite, but don't tell the others!  (I have 5 sewing machines!)  Pearl was a surprise 25th wedding anniversary gift from my DH.  That was 7 years ago and she is still going strong.  Why the name Pearl?  Well, when I was thinking about a name, Minnie Pearl came to mind, so Pearl stuck.

I'm so glad she is home safe and sound with me.  She and I will be spending a lot of time together the next few weeks!

Have you named your sewing machine(s)?  I would love to hear what some of the names are since I still have 2 other machines to name!!!

Also I wanted to send a shout out and a reminder to you all to comment on our blog!  We are having a give away and will announce the winner on Friday.  For all the details, go to the post below and read what you have to do.  See the little  pieces of fabric on Pearl?  They may have something to do with the give away, so leave us a comment about what you are thankful for!!  This is our very first give away and we are so excited!!  Spread the word!

Now, I'm off to visit with Pearl!  She and I have some catching up to do.


  1. My machine is my grandmother's original Bernina 830. She's about 40 years old! I use her at least once a day - even if it's only for about 20 minutes.She's a quirky old gal who needs to feel the love more and more often.

    I think she's a Hattie.

  2. Awe...I'm not into naming stuff. =) I named my kids though. =)

    Pearl looks like an amazing gal...glad you have her back! =)

  3. My one and only sewing machine does not have a name but does have a gender - she. :) I miss her when she goes into the shop.

  4. My featherweight is named Rosie after my mother Roselyn, who first taught me to sew on a featherweight fifty years ago.


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