Saturday, November 13, 2010

Moms and Daughters

As I mentioned in the last blog, I am in Colorado.  First I went to my sister's house for a night where we sewed and just had a great time.  Then yesterday I came to the Denver area where my daughter and son-in-law live.  They have a 4 month old little girl who is just precious to me.  So I just have to share a photo of her!  Parker is such a happy little girl!
Parker Elyse Dodson

While I am here, my daughter and I will be working on a few things for her Etsy store.

Appliqued Baby Onesies
My daughter designs the appliques, cuts them out and irons them onto baby onesies and tee shirts.  Then I get them and I sew around the pieces (she doesn't sew, but wants to!).  Carisa (my daughter) and I make a great team.  As of this coming Thursday, she is becoming a stay at home mom and she can't wait!  During her "free" time, Carisa is getting her Etsy store up and running and hopes to get her photography business going again.  (She took time off from it when she was pregnant.)  Carisa also wants to start designing patterns.  I am so proud of the things she is doing and what a great mom she has become!   And, I am so thankful for the wonderful relationship that Carisa and I have.

I am also working on a WIP while I am here.   I started the wall quilt several years ago.  I am hand quilting it.  I love the little quilt, but other more important projects have found their way to my sewing room, so it got put on the bottom of the list.

Memories of Mom
Pieced using 30's fabrics
I started this quilt when my mom first found out that she had cancer.  She was in the hospital for a week and while I was there with her, I began the embroidery.  I worked on it off and on for the next year or so, and then finished the embroidery right before she passed away.  The quilt is called "Memories of Mom" because of all the chores that the sunbonnet girl is doing.....washing, ironing, cooking and mom's favorite!  I can't wait to get the quilt done and hang it in my sewing room.  It will always remind me of my mom!



  1. Wow, you're keeping busy! It sounds like you have a wonderful wishes for her etsy shop and all the things she endeavors to do! Being a SAHM is many precious moments...but having a hobby will be good too!

    Love the quilt that is a beautiful memory of your mom. I can't that's just amazing to look at.

  2. Fun, fun times!! Hugs and kisses to all!

  3. Look forward to seeing what your daughter has for sale in her etsy shop. Good luck to her! I love being a SAHM.

    The memory of your mom in a quilt is such a wonderful idea. I lost mine six years ago...maybe I'll try one of my own. Love those 30's fabrics!

  4. Hi, thank you for following my blog...
    I love the quilt your making above...I too love '30's fabrics..It's a beautiful tribute to your Mum and the fond memories you have..
    Julia ♥

  5. YOu two make quite the team...and what a cutie you have there!

  6. Those onesies are ADORABLE! Oh, and Parker's not too bad either! ;-)


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