Friday, November 19, 2010

That Girl..........That Quilt Along

Yes, my sister talked me into joining this Quilt Along and it has been sooooo fun. We talk while we are sewing, we discuss fabric, and we totally enjoyed it together. We are now waiting for the instructions on finishing up the quilt and quilting it!! She is behind now but she has a good excuse. She has been babysitting her Granddaughter and having a great time, I might add!!!

I love it as projects start to finish up and you can see what it is going to look like. My quilt is for my grandson who lives halfway across the country from me. I see him about every 3 - 4 months!! Kinda a sad deal wouldn't you say? He and his family are coming for Christmas. I am so excited. I have already made a quilt for his big brother, his cousin and his "AunTy". This Quilt Along came at just the right time!!

Chaining the squares together.

My blocks with both borders on them.

My precious Grandson who will receive this quilt!!

My squares all put together!

I am planning on putting Minki on the back to make it really soft and fun for him to snuggle with. I love it and I love him! Thanks you That Girl for having this Quilt Along!

Luv ya, Jodi


  1. What a fun quilt you have going there, Jodi. Love the idea of minki on the back. I've never done that. How do you plan to quilt it? So far, I haven't touched my quilt this contemplating adding sashing.

  2. Ooo, minki! I wish I would have thought of that! What color are you going to use?

  3. Nice and fresh colors. Your grandson can be lucky!

  4. I love how your QAL projects are coming, and I'm totally jealous that you get to quilt with your sister. Mine live too far away for that. :(


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