Monday, November 8, 2010

Trying to keep up with Sis!!

After our Friday night date is over, yes we still date every Friday night, the weekend begins with anticipation and enthusiasm. Of what you may is uninterrupted sewing time. My husband usually plays golf, works in the yard, or works on the "Honey DO List!" I usually have no commitments on Saturday until dinner time and if we possibly have evening plans. Fun, fun time for me hibernating in my sewing room!

I worked hard completing my quilt alongs and blocks for my various bees. I definitely can't have my sister getting ahead of me. HA! First on my list was to finish and post my Alabama Spinner Block for the Layer Cake Quilt Along. Gene Black designed it for our quilt along. Check out his blog.

Next I moved on to our Charm Square Quilt along. I had everything cut out from last week's assignment so I was all ready to take off. That is exactly what I did as I chained an inner and outer border around the squares in my charm pack. It really didn't take too long and I am all set for this week's directions. I think we are cutting our squares wonky. Woo hoo!!

I was feeling pretty good about myself when I talked to Sis, and she had not only gotten her bee projects done, she also made a mug rug, blogged, and worked on her granddaughter's Christmas Stocking. Boy does she spur me on. HA!!!

Sunday afternoon I got busy working on my November house for my partner in the Calendar of Houses Bee. Cat lives in New Zealand. Having never been there I was struggling with what to do for her block. Not only do they NOT celebrate Thanksgiving, it is also the beginning of Spring for her. She told me they celebrate Guy Fawkes Day on Nov. 5th. which is celebrated with bonfires and fireworks. What do I do??? Cat also told me that on Nov. 6th she had 6 baby chicks hatch. This is what I made for her. This is so fun but it sure stretches my creativity!!

WELL, enough about me and all my projects! My sister is coming to town on Thursday and that is a good deal for YOU! We are having a "give away." Please leave us a comment telling us what you are thankful for during this season of the year. Our give away closes at midnight on Thursday, November 11th. We will post the winner and the prize on Friday by noon. Please pass along our "give away" to your blogging friends. You are in for a treat!!

Luv ya, Gigi


  1. I am very thankful for my family during this Thanksgiving season. I'm also so thankful for good friends to quilt with, pray with, and laugh with!

  2. I wish I had a sister to compete/motivate me in sewing. =) Mine doesn't sew...she just asks me to do everything for her! =) Not very inspiring. =)

    Mom sews, but she can't even find her machine, her sewing room is such a mess...and she's not such a creative sewer. =( I need to join that local guild! =)

  3. I have a featherweight it at an estate it. She doesn't have a name. ;( I guess my Bernina's name is Bernie..not very original...but my grandmother's name was Rossie. I keep trying to get a grand daughter named that, but so far, nothing!! I'm thankful for all four of them though, and my two grandsons.

  4. I'm so thankful for my friends, one group I met on the internet in particular (we meet up once a year). Without them I would be insane! I'm thankful for my family too, but they're the ones who try to drive me crazy, LOL!!!

  5. I'm thanful that my daughter is alright after a frightening incident with a dog she was walking that tried to attack her.
    I'm also thankful for internet quilting friends when there are so few in my 'real' life.
    Teresa x

  6. Sisters who quilt and quilt together=very lucky ladies. Love your Quilt along blocks!
    I have to second the thankful thoughts of Teresa - no "real" quilty friends either.

  7. You have been very busy. I love all of the blocks you have created. I am most thankful for my family and the love and support they show me on a constant basis.

  8. And here I am .. .. .. you know you are going to have to add New Zealand to your 'bucket list' .. .. .. I love love love my block you've made me :) guy fawkes was so much fun this year - I must get around to blogging about it!


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