Tuesday, October 19, 2010

I Love Surprises!!

I had a great surprise last Saturday when my sister came to visit. She wasn't even here 24 hours but we had a great time talking about our grandchildren, laughing, sewing, making popcorn balls, swapping patterns, and just being together. Most of the time when we are together we sew on alike projects but because we only had Saturday afternoon and evening we worked on our own projects. I am doing a leader and ender quilt. I learned this technique from my college friend at Lollyquiltz. It is so much fun and so easy to do. I will post a picture as I get closer to being done. Jackie had a strip quilt kit that she got in Houston at the International Quilt Festival several years ago. She had fun working on it as you can see progress with each strip. Enjoy our popcorn ball recipe seen below. We make them every time we get together!!

Luv ya, Gigi

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