Sunday, October 31, 2010

A Super Size King Flower Garden!

I love my sewing machines....I have too many to mention....BUT there is nothing better than sitting in my chair in front of a good T.V. show with some handwork in my lap. In my chair is exactly where I enjoyed working on the beginning of Our Flower Garden. My sister and I decided that we wanted to make a quilt using our stash. We had our plan and for a year before our sisters retreat I started making around 550 circles using a modified yoyo pattern and preparing about 200 leaves and stems for applique. I go to her cabin on the lake for about two weeks every summer for our retreat, just us and our machines! Doesn't that sound fun?

I was ready for the retreat! I made my way to Table Rock Lake where we got all set up and ready to sew. The flower blocks were the first to be made. Oh, were they fun to put together and see the end product of our work over the past year.

We marveled at all the old fabrics that brought back many memories. We told stories and just enjoyed this time thinking of the past with fondness and sentiment! Between sewing, laughing, eating, sewing, and story telling, etc., we finally got all the flower blocks done. Working on the scrappy squares used in the Irish chain was not quite as fun, however, again we were flooded with memories and stories. WeBloggers Quilt Festival were having so much fun making this quilt. As we started piecing it together we found out how large it was going to be. We actually finished piecing the top together in record time. I will admit there were many late nights!

Our quilt tops returned home with each of us ready to be quilted.

Well, the quilting is done and it was time to go back to my chair and put the binding on. The binding was put together with scraps to tie in the scrappiness of the quilt. I got to end working on this quilt in my chair sewing down the binding reflecting on many memories shared. I was again enjoying this relaxing time alone in my chair with my quilt in my lap. What a great way to finish off a quilt. I call it my super size king. It fits on my bed and hits the floor on all three sides with a fold over for the pillows. I love it!!

Thank you Amy for all your work on this wonderful Bloggers Quilt Festival. It is so much fun to see everyones talent and inspiration.

Luv ya, Gigi


  1. E' una meraviglia
    una esplosione di colori
    Ciao Domenica

  2. I love the bright colors in your quilt and I always love the way an Irish Chain looks when completed. The binding fabrics make an intersting finish and the photograph is stunning.

  3. So beautiful, I love it!

  4. Wow! It is incredible! Definitely a labour of love!

  5. Beautiful, beautiful! What a wonderful quilt and I love all the memories it holds! XXOO

  6. This is a wonderful quilt, Jodi! I've never made anything that large....congrats!! I'm so excited about you having a blog.

  7. This is beautiful. It is such a happy quilt.

  8. Hi Jodi.
    This is a stunning quilt. I love the way it is all from scraps or your stash. What an amazing amount of work was involved, especially with the flowers.
    Your quilt is so bright, cheerful and colourful.
    Just wonderful!


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