Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Sisters....always trying to get you in trouble!

I got an email from my sister today and it was so funny!! She sounds desperate, excited, worried, unsure, sneaky, manipulative, sincere, and funny all in the same email. I wondered if she was one of my kids trying to get something from me...........am I back at home as a little girl and she is trying to get something from me.........am I imagining that she is trying to get something from me??????? What am I to do? Here is the email for you to read and maybe you can help me!


I NEED AN INTERVENTION!!! I just joined another quilt a long. This one is using a cake. I know, I know.....what was I thinking??? Well, I wasn't! It was LATE last night and in a moment of weakness, I thought it looked fun. It is every other Tues. until May, so I would have two weeks to finish one block. Not a biggie, right? Right??? OK, so here's my plan... YOU JOIN WITH ME!!! haha! The way I look at it is this....you got me started on these bees, which got me hooked on quilters blogs and that got me hooked on quilt-a-longs, so you owe me!! Haha! (JUST KIDDING!) Here is the blog address: http://moosequilts.blogspot.com/2010/09/layer-cake-quilt-along-2010.html Want to JOIN???? I guess it is good that I am so excited about quilting again, but I really do need help! I didn't realize what an obsessive personality I have until now! Ha! From now on, ask me EVERYDAY if I have joined another group. Hopefully, that will shame me enough to stop! If not.....well then I just won't tell you! Haha! Love you, JACKIE

You notice she asks for help and then finishes with....well then I just won't tell you! Haha!
What is a sister to do?

Luv ya, Gigi

*** Well, are you joining the quilt-a-long with me, or not???  And remember.....payback is h*+l!    ;)   ---Jackie aka The Sister

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  1. You definitely should come along! Konda does great quilt alongs! I jumped on board the minute she announced it!

    And your poor, desperate sister needs you!


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