Saturday, October 9, 2010

Becoming a Better Quilter!!

Jackie and I made these quilts in 2007 in anticipation of having granddaughters. We are both very blessed with Parker, 3 months (Nanabanana's) and Maren, 2 years (Gigi's). Oh what fun we have planning our projects, getting the fabric, sewing together (she is always faster than me...and I am fast....not sure how she does that?), eating snacks, etc. I am sure you got the picture. I have a few rules that I have made for when we get together to sew. They go like this:

Sisters In Stitches Quilting Rules

1. Always bring the whole sewing room which magically fits into your car.
2. Stock up on lots and lots of extra snacks to build energy - the more chocolate the better.
3. Make sure you have practiced staying up all night even if it means more chocolate and diet cokes.
4. Stitch and sew until you are cross eyed, laugh until you hurt, and make plans to do this again soon!

There is a saying in the teaching world that goes like this, "I am a better teacher because of the teacher next door." When you really think about it, life is like that too! In the "quilting world" it is all about sharing ideas, enjoying the company of friends (sisters), creating new projects, fabric shopping, eating, laughing, and just enjoying life together. My sister has definitely made me a better quilter!! Do you have special friends or a sister whom you learn from, make quilts together, and enjoy life with?

Luv ya, Jodi (Gigi)

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