Monday, October 11, 2010

A Quilter Is Born!

I am in beautiful Colorado this week with my daughter,son-in-law, and granddaugher.  It truly is beautiful here with the trees turning colors and the sunny sky.  It is a perfect Fall day!

My daughter, Carisa, starts back to work tomorrow after being off for 12 weeks on maternity leave!  Needless to say, she is very, very sad to leave her precious daughter.  Carisa is a lucky lady because she gets to work from home 2 days a week and her husband is able to work from home 1-2 days a week.  They will only have to take Parker to a sitter on one day.  So, this week I am here and will get to "play" with Parker on Wed. AND Thurs. since Blair (my son-in-law) has to go into work on those days.  Yippee for me!!  Oh, the fun she and I will have!

Since this is Carisa's last day at home before she goes back to work, we didn't actually stay home!  Instead, we drove up to a little town not far from here to go to a quilt store.  They have the most amazing selection of fabrics and it is always a treat to shop there.  Of course we took Parker with us and realized that this was her first visit to a quilt store.  She seemed to enjoy it!  Well, at least she didn't cry!


She looks a little over whelmed, doesn't she?  But she DOES have good taste in fabric!!  Parker was a trooper and let us shop and shop!

On our drive back to my daughter's home, I noticed all the aspen trees with their beautiful colors.  We don't have aspen trees in Kansas, so I aways enjoy seeing them in Colorado in the fall.

I did bring my sewing machine and several hand projects to work on while I am here.  But they all may stay in the car......I am busy playing with my granddaughter.  Someday, she and I will sit side by side at the sewing machine and make a wonderful quilt together.  We will have such fun and I will love telling her all the "funny" stories about her mama!

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