Sunday, October 3, 2010

October and Breast Cancer

When I was diagnosed with breast cancer over 3 years ago a very special friend who had experienced cancer herself along with cancer in her family as close as her husband said to me, "Jodi, you can do is what it is...just get well. It is your husband, children (especially daughter), and close family who will have the hardest time with your diagnosis. It is your job to fight with all you can and those who love you will come along side you and fight with you!!" My friend who was told she had about 6 months to live and her husband was given even a shorter time to live are still here 25 years later coming along others and fighting this devastating disease with them. Oh how I thank God for her and all my friends and family members who stood beside me!! It is a scary diagnosis, but it is much easier with others beside you. If you know someone with cancer be sure to walk beside them and help them fight.

I have always said that quilting is my therapy. In the past 3 years it has proven to be just that. Every time I sit at my machine I think of Mom, who taught me to sew and who lost her fight with cancer over 3 years ago. The love of quilting has drawn us sisters to appreciate our time together, our creative side which we inherited from Mom, and our laughter that fills the our sewing rooms with special memories. Last year my "teacher's quilting group" made a square for breast cancer awareness!! The support from my "TQG" has been awesome. May you never have the dreaded disease but if you do or if you have a friend who does, know that friends and family walking beside you will get you through it!!!
Luv ya, Gigi

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  1. I really love this little quilt you've made - I'm in the process of making something for my neighbour who a year ago had her breast removed and two weeks ago was told the dreaded C is in her spine ;'(


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